Universal Optometry

By Haw Ding

The concept based on the theme ‘Vision’. Using 3D anamorphic art, the painting appears lifelike when viewed from a certain angle. It pays tribute to the idea of ‘perception’ and how we can view the world from different angles; respecting differences and celebrating diversity. Haw Ding chose John Lennon as his caricature installation inspiration because Lennon was a 'visionary' himself - an advocate of peace and humanity and a musical genius. Used lenses (plastic and glass) are incorporated to complete the installation in a bid to promote upcycling in art towards a more sustainable future for the planet.

“视觉”是主要的概念。利用3D变形技术, 在某个角度观看可显现出逼真的绘画,就如人要以不同的角度来看事物,尊重来 自不同文化背景的人事物。画家利用John Lennon 的画像来做他画作的代表人物,因为John也是一位有梦想的音乐家, 他 要推动人与人之间的和平。为了提升环保意识,画家收集了大量的旧镜片来拼凑成一幅人像。