Ting Hardware Trading Co

by Ronny, Phey

The owner of this store hopes to increase awareness of his hardware store in Foh Sang because most people don’t know that there is one here. Ronny a tattoo artist, created artwork that highlights the hardware and tools. He uses a colorful and eye catching palette to attract the attention of onlookers. Artist Phey, created an artwork on the shutter that uses a giant hammer and nail as a subject for people to interact and have fun with.

老板希望更多人知道和生园有一家五金店。所以纹身艺术家Ronny的 设计主要以五金店售卖的工具为主, 以缤纷绚丽的色彩吸引人们的眼 球。另外Phey用喷漆涂鸦在闸门上做了一个巨型铁锤和钉子的图案, 到访者可以假装手持巨锤锤钉子的动作配合夸张的表情,有趣好玩。

photo by: Check in Sabah