The Station

Nini Chung

Comic artist NINI used a japanese style comic drawing to illustrate a couple reading. “The Station”is a popular bookstore for the 80s/90s demographic. Even though this bookstore is trying to fight against the internet wave, the shop owner believes that physical bookstores are a community’s cultural landmark. It is irreplaceable. Both the artist and owner hope that through this artwork, bookstores will once again be noticed. The reason why the image is a male & female is because they want to make sure that reading books is non-gender oriented, accessible to everyone.

漫画家Nini以日式漫画的风格描绘一对在看书男女 縂站是80和90后最爱流连的书报店虽然承受网路时代的冲击 但店主相信实体书报店是一个社区的文化地标 它是无法被取代的 希望透过这幅画让实体书店可以再次被关注 并带出男男女女都可以来看书的讯息