by Alvin Chung

The artist reimagined a silhouette of a pig that is made up of varieties auspicious elements which is considered good blessings by the chinese community such as the ship above waves representing control over waves and also smooth sailing in life, business, and also the challenges ahead, while mountains and water symbolised flowing and endless wealth. that there is also bamboo forest that thought to represent growth, wealth, happiness and longetivity while incorporating some iconic symbols of Sabah such as the country flag and rafflesia flower. in conjuction with the mid autumn festival the artist also incorporate a full moon and lantern for a festive feels. in the midst of all element the artist also included a signage of the shop lot and the signature product of said shop, which is pork. there is also alot lf random element included to represent the diversity of complexion of not only the Foh San's community but also Sabah as a whole. With good imagination and good play on positive and negative space, artist wish to inspire the audiences to acknowledge that black and white mural can also looks beautiful despite colourless.

艺术家重新构想了由多种吉祥元素组成的猪的剪影,华人认为这是好运,例如波浪上的船代表着对波浪的控制,在生活,业务和未来挑战 中的航行顺畅,山水象征着无尽的财富。还有竹林,它代表了生长,财富,幸福和长寿,同时结合了沙巴的一些标志性象征,如国旗和莱 佛士花。与中秋节相结合,艺术家还将满月和灯笼融入节日气氛中。在所有元素中,艺术家还包括商店的标牌和所述商店的标志性产品, 即猪肉。还包括很多随机元素来代表不仅是Foh San社区的肤色多样性,而且还包括整个沙巴的肤色多样性。凭借良好的想象力和对正 面和负面空间的良好发挥,艺术家希望激发观众承认,尽管无色,黑白壁画也可以看起来很漂亮。