Letrik Pau Sang

Bah Design X Common Studio

The technological age nowadays is moving at a fast pace. Because of this there is also a lot of electrical waste. Bah Design used old and irreparable electronic parts to upcycle them into an art piece. He hopes this piece can raise awareness on the issues of electronic waste. To reduce, reuse and recycle.

电子产品更新换代越来越快,也意味着电子垃圾的日益增多,为了提 高人们对这一问题的认识Bah Design利用宝声老板所提供无法修复的 旧电器拆件重组,重新打造成一件艺术品。希望透过这成品让人们重 新思考对电子垃圾的责任,用“回收”取代“丢弃”。