Kedai Ubat Ming Kang

Japson Wong

Japson created golden polygon deer head for Kedai Ubat Ming Kang, a traditional Chinese herbal shop. Gold colour represents royalty and high quality products. In Mandarin language, ‘Golden Deer’ (金鹿 jin lu) also means fortune comes ( 金入 jin ru).
Polygons represents unity as all pieces needed to be exactly correct to fit into one final piece. Meanwhile the deer head is one of the symbolic icon for Chinese herbs, which also means gentle services for the people.

Japson为民康医药公司制作了金色几何形鹿头。金色代表高品质。‘金鹿’的谐音也代表‘金入’。 几何形代表团结因为需要一片一片无缝结合。鹿头是传统药材的象征性的图标。