Kedai Kopi Yu Yun

By Japson Wong

Kedai Kopi Yun Yu is famous for it’s mixed fish noodles and their ingredients are always fresh. Upcycle artist Japson Wong, used polycarbonate boards to create a 3D fisherman holding a big fish. This is to represent a bountiful harvest and Yun Yu having fresh fish all the time.

运友茶室主要以鱼杂粉面而驰名,主打用料新鲜。 再造达人黄文雄 Japson Wong, 利用聚碳酸酯板(polycarbonate) 打造出一个3D立体 渔夫模型,手抱大鱼一尾。寓意渔获丰收, 运友茶室天天都有新 鲜鱼吃。