Kedai Kopi Ming Fang


4 main subjects have been choosen in the painting, all related to Chinese Feng Shui.

1. The Koi Fish - it symbolizes wealth and abundance.
2. The Number ‘8’ - the luckiest number for Chinese, means fortune.
3. The Infinity Symbol - means continuous or never ending wealth and prosperity

4. The Pairing Fish - symbolizes the importance of love and family.

All of them have been combined in the painting as a gift of good luck charm not only for Kedai Kopi Ming Fong shop owner, but also the rest of the Foh Sang communities.


1. 鲤鱼 - 代表富裕和丰盛
2. ‘8’号 - 华人的幸运数字

3. 永恒符号 - 代表永恒和无尽的富裕和繁荣。

4. 双鱼 - 代表爱与亲情的重要性。