Kedai Kopi Luyang Baru

By Anddy R. Dulait, Limuel, Cassidy Kiddy

Foh Sang is Kota Kinabalu’s “Chinatown”. It is heavily influenced with chinese culture. Kedai Kopi New Luyang is one of Foh Sang’s most centralized lot. The artists aimed to create art that can last throughout the years and through different chinese festivals. Within this artwork there are 2 images of magpies which in chinese culture represent good fortune and luck. They decided to do a pair to signify double portions of luck and fortune. There are also plum blossoms because the chinese pronunciation for “plum” is also similar to the chinese word for “eyebrows”which has an old saying that is related to how a person’s eyebrows can show one’s happiness. Though these 3 artists do not have a chinese background,they insisted and they wanted to do this chinese style for the owner to have good fortune.

和生园是亚庇的唐人街, 中华气息颇浓。新路阳茶室在和生园的最中 心的位置,艺术家们想要画一副适合常年摆放的画。喜鹊梅花图。古 人认为鹊能报喜,故称喜鹊或报喜鸟,两只喜鹊即双喜之意。“梅”与“ 眉”同音,借喜鹊登上梅花枝头,寓意“喜上眉梢”、“双喜临门”,也就 寓意着幸福美好即将来临。虽然这样中式的画风对非华人艺术家来说 是一大挑战,但他们尽力完成,希望可以这副画可以为店家带来吉祥如 意的意头