Kedai Kopi Kheng Hin

By Anddy R. Dulait, Limuel, Cassidy Kiddy

Kheng Hin has been around since 1976 and is run by a hainanese family. They are known for their butter kaya toast, half boiled eggs and coffee. These are also the staple breakfast of Foh Sang. The image of the man making coffee though isn’t the likeness of the owner but it is to represent that this culture can be passed on to anyone. These 3 graffiti artists hope that these 4 wooden blinds can reflect the heritage/culture of Foh Sang and to do it justice in terms of representation.

瓊兴茶室创立于1976年,是一家海南人经营的茶室。 牛油咖椰烤面包,咖啡和半生熟蛋是经典的海南早餐,也是和生园最 熟悉的早餐。而手冲海南咖啡的老人想要表达的是悠久历史和文化的 传承。涂鸦师们希望透过这4副木廉画述说和生园的人文风景,也希望 可以向这份永恒的经典致敬。