Kedai Kopi Emas Helang


To match the restaurant’s name which translates to Golden Eagle, graffiti artist Phey spray painted an image of an eagle on the wooden blinds. To Phey, eagles represent not being moved by obstacles and persevering through the motions. Similarly, this restaurant has been around for a very long time, will remain here for a long time and they are still unwavering.

配合店家的店名“金鹰”,涂鸦师Phey为木廉画上象征顽强精神的老鹰。 寓意泰山压顶不弯腰,惊涛骇浪不低头。和金鹰小食中心一样,从眼 前开始,从一点一滴做起,始终保持饱满旺盛的干劲,不屈不挠的拼 劲,才在和生园屹立多年。