How Lee Coffee Shop

By CrackoArt

How Lee is one of Foh Sang’s famous supper places. They open from 5pm to 4:30am. Just like the owl, How Lee is nocturnal. They both rest during the day and are active during the night. Because of this, Cracko decided to use an Owl to represent How Lee. The idea is that in the morning the Owl can be seen resting on the tree and at night the shutter is open and How Lee’s active scene can be seen.

How Lee是和生园有名的宵夜食店,营业时间是下午5点到临晨4 点半。而猫头鹰这种夜行的肉食动物,恰恰跟How Lee一样白天潜伏 ,晚间开始活动。所以涂鸦师Cracko就在闸门上画上猫头鹰, 白天食 店还没开的时候猫头鹰就在树上睡觉歇息, 晚上拉开闸门就寓意猫头 鹰醒了,交替的就是How Lee的络绎不绝。