Fong Bell Trading

by Jouhan Tan X Common Studio

Fong Bell is a store that sells pastry ingredients. Artist Jouhan Tan uses pastel colors on the storefront to create a cake and dripping icing effect. The original signage has also been recolored. Common Studio created an image of the sky for the ceiling. Using plywood and styrofoam they also made egg concept clouds to invoke a fantastical house of cake. The overall concept also hopes to turn this spot into an instagrammable location.

风铃是一家贩卖蛋糕原料的老字号。艺术家Jouhan Tan在风铃的门面 用粉色系列的油漆画出蛋糕奶油滴落的效果,并将原本的招牌重新上 色。另外Common Studio再将天花板的部分画成蔚蓝的天空,利用三 夹板和保丽龙做成鸡蛋云, 营造梦幻蛋糕屋的感觉, 希望吸引更多小女 生来打卡。

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