Fan Hing

by CrackoArt

涂鸦师Cracko每逢经过这间坐落在和生园转角的小食店都会看见许多 老茶客围坐在那里喝茶闲聊,当中有很多是一双一对的老伴侣。他细 细观察他们的一举一动,岁月给他们带来了明显的抹痕, 他们虽然话 不多,眉宇之间透露的默契是多年一起生活的印记。对他来说是一道 美丽且浪漫的风景。鸳鸯在人们的心目中是白头偕老的象征,他们出 双入对,风韵迷人。所以Cracko特意用鸳鸯为题材,加上他最擅长的 喷漆涂鸦, 创作了一副用色鲜艳的鸳鸯图来歌颂纯真的爱情。

Whenever Graffiti artist Cracko passes by this Foh Sang eatery he noticed that there are elderly customers always sitting together conversing and having tea, most of them are elderly couples. He observed their every movement, and their weathered features. Even though most of them don’t talk much but they express themselves through their facial expressions, little actions and behaviour and the chemistry between them is apparent. To Cracko, this is a very romantic and beautiful scene. Mandarin Ducks to the chinese people represent love and there is also a chinese saying that roughly translates to “growing old until our hair turns from black to white”. Mandarin Ducks also always come out in pairs so Cracko decided to use his best medium, spray paint, to create an artwork that features a vibrant Mandarin duck as tribute to this idea.