Da Yang Seafood

By Cassidy Kiddy

Tattoo artist Cassid Kiddy uses his skills and intricate brushwork to create a traditional oriental style artwork. The composition is full and incorporates contrasting colors of orange and blue. The Koi fish as a tattoo actually represents advancement and determination. Fish in general also symbolizes wealth and surplus. The chinese believe the Koi in particular represents good fortune in business and academics. The waves were also added to liven up the art piece.

纹身师Cassid Kiddy以他最善长的东方传统纹身风格为大洋海产的木 廉手绘出一副构图饱满,颜色厚重的鲤鱼图。鲤鱼寓意着富贵吉祥配 合规则浪花更加如鱼得水,更加活力生动。