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This image of “pan mee” looks like it is simple but it actually isn’t. Inside 1 serving of pan mee there are many different ingredients. There are dried anchovies which come from the sea, minced meat which are from the land, vegetables which are grown from the dirt, flour & eggs which are products of animals and grains. These plentiful resources can only be harvested with blood, sweat and tears. It also needs to be in good weather conditions and environment. This artwork wants to signify that the country is prosperous and the people are at peace. It is a country full of good harvests. The left hand also represents giving and contribution, right hand represents sharing and expansion. Both are working together like a country that is harmonious.

一碗看似简单的板面 其实得来不易
江鱼仔, 肉碎, 蔬菜, 面粉, 鸡蛋, 碗中包含了海洋和陆地的食材 这些丰富的资源, 是人们用时间和汗水换来的。 当然也是良好的地理环境和气候条件造就而成, 一手制造/奉献 , 一手分享/弘扬, 双双配合,就如一个國,民政和谐, 所以这也寓意国泰民安 五谷丰收 。